Putri Shame Leaves for Men’s Natural Strong Medicine

Putri shame leaf is one of the plants that is often found in the field. Known as a wild plant, who would have thought that the shy princess who likes to close her leaves when touched has extraordinary benefits for health.

Embarrassed daughter contains calcium to zinc which functions to increase testosterone levels. Testosterone itself is related to the male sex hormone. Later it is enough to boil a handful of embarrassed daughter leaves with two glasses of water and strain before consuming.

However, it is not recommended to consume it every day because it can cause problems Aside from being a natural strong medicine for men, Putri Ashama is also called Muthe, can reduce hypertension and blood sugar.

Shy daughter is said to lower blood sugar, because shy daughter contains flavonoids, alkaloids and tannins. Shy daughter is also said to be able to overcome insomnia. This has been proven empirically and has even been used in North Sumatra.

For concoctions to overcome insomnia, Muthe explained that people only need to take 30-60 grams of leaves and then clean them. Then, prepare two glasses of water and boil it. After that, it can be consumed immediately.

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