Beware of Anthrax Infected Meat

The anthrax case that occurred in Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, sparked public concern because it claimed lives. Even so, anthrax infection itself can actually be prevented from the start by understanding the distinctive signs on the meat of animals exposed to the virus.

Tropical and Infectious Disease Consultant at One of Indonesian Hospital In Yogyakarta, Dr. Robert Sinto, said that it actually takes a keen eye to recognize meat infected with anthrax. Suspicion should start with the butcher or butcher who can see the characteristics of meat exposed to anthrax.

“It’s easy and difficult. You have to be an expert to see. However, the butcher can identify suspicions or if the animal has not been diagnosed at the time of slaughter, by looking at the meat which is darker than the red of fresh blood,”

The blacker color of the meat is because the blood flow is no longer good when the animal is still alive. In addition, you will see a black color like a rotten leg on the spleen of the animal.

“The animal’s spleen will be black in color and damaged in shape. Suspect anthrax. The black color is like a rotten diabetic leg, the picture is not fresh. It is dark black because blood flow is not good,” he explained.

Anthrax is an acute infectious disease caused by the bacillus anthraxis bacteria. This bacterium has the ability to form spores that are resistant to weather changes and can survive in the soil for years, making it difficult to eliminate.

The process of transmitting bacteria from animals to humans does not have to be direct. Soil where animals have died from anthrax has become dangerous. Bacteria easily enter the human body through cuts or peeling skin, even if they are small.

“So the transmission can be through inhaling spores in the soil where the animal was buried, contact with meat because it sticks to human wounds, and eating food from infected meat,” he added.

Prevention of anthrax itself can be done by giving vaccines to livestock regularly. In addition, anthrax that infects humans can also be treated and cured, but the symptoms are often neglected and tend to be life threatening.

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