Indonesian Independence Day Google Doodle

The Google search engine created a special Doodle display to celebrate the 78th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia, Thursday (17/8).

This year’s Google Doodle depicts a competition that is often held during the August 17 celebration. Each race represents one letter on Google.

In the first G, there is an illustration of a soccer player, while the two O’s each represent a badminton racket. Illustrator Diela Maharani, who created this year’s Google Doodle, highlighted the issue of disability by making the wheelchair the second G in Google.

Meanwhile, for the letters L and E in the Google Doodle, the illustrator drew pictures of a sack race and a child practicing pencak silat with his teacher. When the August 17 Google Doodle is clicked, the user will be directed to a search page containing information about Indonesia’s Independence Day.

The excitement of the celebration was felt because Google gave confetti on the search results page. As reported by Antara, Diela expressed her pride in being chosen to be the illustrator for the Google Doodle for the August 17 celebration.

He made the doodle so that Indonesians would continue to carry the spirit of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika. “With our differences, we can learn from each other and exchange ideas. We can build a stronger and more beautiful nation,” said Diela.

Google Indonesia Communications Manager Feliciana Wienathan said that Google Trends data shows many Indonesians are interested in learning more about how to celebrate Independence Day.

“This search term also shows that many people in Indonesia are proud of their country and want to celebrate Independence Day in a meaningful way,” said Feliciana.

In August 2022, Google Indonesia recorded that the keyword for the independence contest had increased by around 150 percent. The platform also recorded keywords for foods that were popular on Independence Day, namely tumpeng, Yellow Rice, Cake, Meat Ball and satay.

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