Herbal Concoction For Sore Throat

Air quality in several big cities in Indonesia, especially Jakarta, has recently been in very bad condition. This is caused by various factors ranging from motor vehicle pollution to industry.

Public health also needs special attention because air pollution can have a bad effect, especially on the respiratory tract, such as coughs, colds and sore throats.

To relieve inflammation of the respiratory tract or coughs and colds, there are several herbal ingredients that can be used. These herbal ingredients can be found everyday and have properties that are useful for treating sore throats.

Herbalist, Doctor Muthoharrah, M.Sc, provides a simple recipe for herbal concoctions where the ingredients can be found easily. Namely a concoction made from 5 grams of fennel fruit, 100 ml of hot water, and enough honey.

These ingredients can be consumed three times a day. This kind of herbal concoction is also safe for consumption for people who have to take medication regularly. Like diabetics who have to take medication to keep blood sugar levels or cholesterol sufferers who also have to take medicine regularly.

In addition to the ingredients already mentioned, doctor Muthoharrah also explained about the benefits of turmeric which are very good for treating cough and cold symptoms. According to him, turmeric contains active substances that will work even more optimally when mixed with milk, black pepper, and good fats.

“Turmeric has curcuminoid active substances which will be more maximally attracted by its active substances when mixed with milk, black pepper, and fat. The dosage is 1-2 times a week,” he explained.

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