Chinese CIA Spy Caught

Beijing has stepped up efforts to combat spying recently, including implementing anti-espionage laws. The authorities are given powers to punish those they deem as a threat to national security.

Chinese authorities uncovered an espionage case committed by a citizen, Zeng. This betrayal was carried out by Zeng by becoming a spy in order to get money from the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

“After careful investigation, state security authorities obtained evidence of Zeng’s espionage activities and, in accordance with the law, took coercive measures against him to eliminate harm in a timely manner,” China’s Ministry of Security said Friday (11/8).

Details about Zeng’s punishment were not provided. The 52-year-old Zeng had been sent to Italy to study and befriended a CIA agent stationed at the US embassy in Rome. This person convinced Zeng to provide sensitive information about the Chinese military in exchange for a large amount of compensation. Another gift was assistance for Zeng and his family moving to the US.

Zeng allegedly signed a contract with the US side and received training before returning to China to carry out espionage activities. This case quickly received widespread attention in China. This issue topped the topic of discussion on the Weibo social media page on Friday (11/8) morning.

Beijing’s revisions to anti-espionage laws have spooked many US businesses operating in China as relations between the two countries continue to deteriorate. The law states that illegal activities and acquisitions by agents or individuals of documents, data, materials or goods related to national security and interests can be considered as espionage violations.

“The changes have raised legitimate concerns about conducting certain routine business activities, which now risk being considered espionage”, wrote Craig Allen, president of the US-China Business Council, in a recent blog. He said investors in China would suffer even more if These laws are applied frequently and without clear, narrow, and direct links to activities that are universally recognized as espionage.

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