Honda Connect Technology All New CR-V

The All New Honda CR-V is equipped with the latest technology, namely Honda Connect. This feature can connect the car with a smartphone, which presents a variety of features in it. The All New CR-V is Honda’s first car in Indonesia to be embedded with the Honda Connect feature.

This feature was introduced directly to the public at the 2023 Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) automotive exhibition. This feature offers three main things, namely convenience, safety and security. The three of them present a package that provides more value for the All New CR-V.

The convenience function helps users to get information more quickly through smartphones. Users can find the Vehicle Status feature to access various actual information about the condition of the vehicle, such as fuel level, battery status, and airbag status.

There is also a Remote Vehicle Control feature that allows the user to control vehicle functions via a smartphone, where the user can lock and unlock the door. Apart from that, this feature can also turn on the engine and air conditioner, to control the car to respond in the form of a flashing light when the user is looking for the car’s position.

For safety functions, Honda Connect provides an Automatic Collision Detection feature that works to send notifications automatically to the Call Center Support emergency service and the user’s smartphone in the event of an accident. “The trigger is the airbag.

So, if the airbag inflates, then Honda Connect will send a notification to the call center,” said Ferdianto Budiono, New Business Planning Senior Manager of PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM), to reporters, when met at the Honda booth, Tuesday (15/8/2023 ).

Furthermore, the Call Center Support will contact the user where through this feature, the user will get assistance as soon as possible.Then, there is also a Security Alarm feature which is active if the user’s vehicle experiences a disturbance which causes the vehicle alarm to turn on.

This feature will work to provide notifications about the condition of the vehicle to the user’s smartphone. The advanced Speed Alert feature is also embedded, in which users receive notifications to their smartphones when a vehicle exceeds a predetermined speed limit.

Then, in the security function, there are various features that increase the user’s sense of security in their vehicle. The Find My Car feature makes it easier for users to find the current or currently parked vehicle position.

Furthermore, there is also a Geofence feature which will notify you if a vehicle drives out or enters from a predetermined radius and location. Coupled with the Emergency Call feature that can be used by users to contact Honda Customer Care and Experience Honda in an emergency, so that the Honda Call Center can call for the nearest assistance.

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